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If you’re Looking for Solar Panel Companies in Greenwich CT we have got you covered! With our advanced solar panel technology, we will save you money from day 1 with your Greenwich solar panel installation. Residential Or Commercial! Let us help you take control of your electricity.


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Whether you already use Solar Energy, are just starting to, or are planning to, our services will help you be successful in your solar ventures throughout every step of the way.

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Solar Installation

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We are working with the #1 fastest growing Greenwich Connecticut solar energy provider!

With our advanced solar technology, we have simplified the solar system building process. From the efficiency of our panels to the easy installation of panels on your roof, we are the #1 solar provider for 5 years running.




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with our technologically advanced software, we can easily show you how our solar systems are the most efficient and effective on the market from the comfort of your couch 

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Solare Power

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What Clients Say About Solare Power

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Kyle Altice

"I decided to sign up and get solar on my house. They were able to run through the entire installation including what and how the system would be most efficient with me in the simplest way possible. They used this software that made running the tests and efficiency scans to see how it will best perform throughout this year. I could literally see how much money I would be saving at every point in the year for the next 25 years based on current and previous data of, electricity prices, suns location, my yards formation, etc. Long story short, I now work with them selling solar on my own schedule and work and sell whenever I feel like it."

John Russel

"Working with Solare was an amazing experience. After finding their website, I decided to give them a call and was excited to be shown a digital mock-up of how the panels will look and how efficient they will be. They have this amazing software that showed me exactly how much money I could be saving on my electricity bill."

David Matin

"Thanks to Solare Power, I have saved a lot of money on electricity! After initially contacting them, they brought me along their process of digitally planning where the solar panels would be installed and how they would look on my building. Soon after we finalized the details, we set up a date on which they came and installed the solar panels professionally and efficiently. Not to mention when I recommended my neighbor they sent me a $500 referral fee! My neighbor was looking for solar anyway and when they asked me about my installation of course I had to recommend Solare!"

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Why Solare Power Solar Company In Greenwich CT Is Different

At Solare Power, we understand that transitioning to solar energy can be daunting. That’s why we strive to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible. Our state-of-the-art software, powered by artificial intelligence, allows us to accurately predict the potential savings and efficiency of solar panels on your property. This means that from the initial quote, we can tell you if investing in solar is the right choice for you. Furthermore, we offer a variety of solar panel options, unlike other companies who only provide one option, regardless of its efficiency. This allows us to test different panels in our software and determine the best option for your property, ultimately saving you the most money. With Solare Power, you can even run a quote and build a virtual solar system from the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient solar company in Greenwich, look no further than Solare Power.

Solare Power redefines your relationship with energy. Save money. Minimize your carbon footprint. Take control of your power costs today!


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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Your Complete Guide to Solar Energy Solutions

What kind of solar panel installation services do you offer in Greenwich, CT?

Our solar company in Greenwich, CT offers professional installation services for residential properties, as well as maintenance services to keep your solar panel system running efficiently.

How affordable are your solar panel costs in Greenwich, CT?

We strive to offer affordable no money out of pocket solar panel costs to our clients in Greenwich, CT and can provide a quote based on your specific needs and budget.

Can you guarantee the efficiency and reliability of your solar panels in Greenwich, CT?

Yes, our team of experts in Greenwich, CT ensures that each solar panel installation meets the highest standards in the industry and is efficient and reliable.

Do you provide solar panel installations for residential properties in Greenwich, CT?

Yes, we offer professional solar panel installations for residential properties in Greenwich, CT and can find the best solar energy solution for your needs.

What is included in your solar panel maintenance services in Greenwich, CT?

Our maintenance services in Greenwich, CT include regular check-ups and any necessary repairs to ensure that your system remains in top condition and operates efficiently.

How does your solar company stand out in the market in Greenwich, CT?

Our solar company in Greenwich, CT sets itself apart with affordable and reliable solar panel installations, professional services, and efficient solar panel systems. Our experts are dedicated to providing the best solar energy solutions for our clients in Greenwich, CT.